30 Years of Service Pride

30 Years of Service Pride
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1977)    Prestige Gunite is started by Leroy Hess and Chris Cagle in Dallas, Texas.  They had 7 years of experience each in swimming pool construction when the company was formed.

1984)    Billy Huchton and Carl Pagel become parteners in Prestige Gunite.  They had 5+ years of experience at that point.

1990)    Carl Pagel and Billy Huchton head to Riverside, California as Prestige Gunite of Southern California is created.

1993)    Prestige Gunite of Northern California forms in the Bay Area as Billy Huchton begins a second company in California.

1997)    Prestige Gunite headed to Las Vegas with Terry Clayton who had 7 years of experience at that time.  T.J. Payne and his 15 years of experience in the industry now run the Vegas operation.

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1997)    Prestige Gunite expanded its business in Texas to include the Houston area.  Prestige Gunite of South Texas is headed by Darrell Swirczynski. He has been with Prestige since 1988.  Prestige of South Texas has since expanded to include the Austin/San Antonio area as well as Corpus Christi.  The company also began operations in Slidell, Louisiana as Gunite Express.  They cover the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama areas.

2001)    Tri-State Gunite opens to service New York, New Jersey, and the eastern coast.  The Tri-State operation is headed by Beau Brown who has 12+ years of gunite experience.

2003)    LBL Gunite of Tulsa is formed to service Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas.  Brooks Klein and more than 11 years of experience, along with Lance Posey are in charge of the operation.

2006)    Four Star Gunite is formed to service Arizona.  Terry Clayton with 16 years experience along with Prestige Gunite’s most seasoned employee, David Jalapa, join forces to bring Prestige level service to the Arizona area.  Jalapa has 26 years of experience in gunite.

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