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Preparing for the Gunite Process
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  1. The day you are scheduled for gunite, please move your cars down the street.  Also, please move any pets, lawn chairs, tables, or anything that could potentially get gunite dust on it out of the way.  It is also our policy to tarp any outside mechanical or electrical unit located in close proximity to where gunite construction is to be performed.
  2. Do not schedule time off work for your pool to be gunited until receiving confirmation of the date.  We have a rolling schedule and if you call on Monday for a potential schedule on Thursday, it may not work out.  You must call the day before to get confirmation as schedules are subject to change due to permits, weather, etc.  At this time, you can schedule your time off.
  3. To insure maximum strength of your swimming pool's newly installed gunite shell, it is very important that you water it 2 to 3 times a day.  Begin at the top of the beam, continue down the walls, watering the floor last.  This process should take 20 to 30 minutes if the proper amount of water is applied.  You must continue this process 7 to 10 days so that gunite may cure.  Remember the better the cure the stronger the material.
  4. It is common to have shrinkage cracks in the floor and coves.  These cracks appear more during the summer when temperatures are high.  This is normal and you have no reason to be concerned.
  5. During the wet season, it is standard procedure for our crews to install weep holes in every pool we gunite.  However, it is your responsibility to keep those weep holes clear of debris.
  6. As we enter the rainy season, flashing your pool may be necessary.  What is flashing?  Our company can flash your pool by simply applying a thin coat of gunite to the floor and walls.  This procedure protects the floor and walls of the pool from erosion due to rain.  A flash should be scheduled after excavation but before steel.  Your pre-gunite inspection will not pass if there is gunite on the steel.  Please call our company for pricing and other information on the procedure.
  7. On the day of gunite, let your neighbors know out of courtesy as we begin early in the morning.  Also, make sure that you as well as your neighbors keep their windows and doors closed due to dust that is produced.  If you have a concern about the construction process the day of the job, please feel free to contact us about them.

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