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The Gunite Process
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Building A Pool

  1. Design (Budgeting and/or Financing)
  2. Permits
  3. Layout
  4. Excavation
  5. Steel
  6. Plumbing
  7. Electrical
  8. Gunite
  9. Tile & Coping
  10. Decks
  11. Interior Cleanup
  12. Plaster or Pebble Tech
  13. Fill with Water
  14. Start-Up
  15. Final Cleanup

Completed Gunite in a Swimming Pool

Finishing Up On The Nozzle

What Is Shotcrete?

The “wet-mix” process of pneumatic application uses a premixed concrete, and is generally referred to as shotcrete.  It normally begins at a ready-mix plant where computers are often used to measure batches of materials and load trucks. It is referred to as “wet-mix” because the water is already added to the material at the plant.  The material is then taken to the site and pumped off of the truck and through the hose.  The compressed air is applied at the nozzle in order to increase the velocity of the mix and make it adhere better to the application.  With the wet-mix process, the nozzleman has no control over the consistency of the mix delivered to the job site, but can control the velocity of the materials and the addition of accelerators as the mix leaves the nozzle.  With the “wet-mix” process the material immediately begins to cure (thicken/harden) when mixed with water, and must be used within a time frame or additional water may need to be added to thin the mix in order to get it through the pump during application.

Applying Material to a Wall

What Is Gunite?

The “dry-mix” process of pneumatic application of concrete, generally referred to as “gunite” in the industry, uses a rig in which sand and portland cement are mixed and compressed.  This mixture is then blown through a hose at high speed using a compressor truck.  The material is dry in the hose, and is only hydrated at the end of the nozzle.  The nozzleman has complete control over the amount of water applied, the thickness of the mix, and the texture of the application. Only the necessary amount of water is added for hydration resulting in superior strength over conventional concrete.  While the dry mix process sounds quick and economical, it requires precautions to ensure application quality.  The nozzleman's workmanship and experience are critical, since the nozzleman controls the critical water-to-mix ratio going into application equipment.

Gunite Mixer and Compressor Set Up

Shotcrete Nozzle and Barrel Mixer

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